VIP’s don’t come to our hospital. We are not large enough. We are not in a big city. I hear those words often. I sit back, smile and then ask, “Who is your VIP?” Normally the response is a celebrity, professional athlete or some politician from DC.

Truth be told, VIPs come to all hospitals, it doesn’t matter the size or location. What matters is who is well known or popular in your area.

School Superintendent?
A Favorite Teacher?
High School Football Coach?

The list of local VIPs could go on and on. So don’t just think of a VIP as someone on the A-List at the Oscars or someone playing in the Superbowl. You have VIPs all around you. It all depends on what is important to your town or area.

With HelioMetrics iPAR visualizations you can see all the access to your VIPs health records.  It’s time to let them know their records are safe.