HM on Laptop and Tablet 800x600 pxAnalyzing Access to ePHI in Healthcare

Protecting patient privacy is critical to developing and maintaining patients’ trust and it is imperative for meeting the requirements of State and Federal laws and regulations.

HelioMetrics Healthcare Privacy Analytics monitors the access of ePHI in healthcare organizations to ensure patient data privacy. The findings are displayed as interactive visualizations. This allows organizations to detect behavior and identifies activity that warrants further attention.

Rules based solutions miss the point

“I could have written 1,000 rules in my current compliance software and I still would have missed this issue.” – CISO, large New England Healthcare System.

Whether starting a program from scratch or looking to strengthen your existing compliance solution, HelioMetrics provides the context to identify suspect behavior based on multiple data points and reduces false positives created by rules based compliance software.

Traditional Random Audits of user activity are ineffective

HelioMetrics analyzes access of patient data, providing continuous monitoring by individual, role, department/floor and facility. Actionable reports enable those responsible for compliance to
analyze the data and to drill down to gain insight into otherwise unnoticeable behavior for ALL staff and vendors, ending the need for the random audit.

The visualizations provide accurate reports to assist your organization with HIPAA/HITECH Patient Privacy Compliance Audits and can also provide patients with complete reports of all access to their electronic health information.

Reduce compliance efforts needed to monitor ePHI while ensuring legitimate patient data access. HelioMetrics Healthcare Privacy Analytics provides the foundation for your organizations HIPAA
compliance program.

Simplify the complexity of your Compliance Program with HelioMetrics Privacy Analytics.

HelioMetrics Patient Privacy Analytics Benefits

• View previously unmonitored/undetected behaviors in accessing private patient information.

• Identify possible misuse and abuse of accessing patient’s protected health information.

• Access data-driven information to determine and implement appropriate remediation for inappropriate access issues.

• Provide data-based information to individuals investigating serious breaches of patient’s private health information.

• Proactively identify noncompliance with internal privacy policies, State/Federal privacy laws and other rules and regulations avoiding serious penalties and consequences.

• Demonstrate the success of remediation through ongoing monitoring.

• Provides accurate data-driven documentation for use in preparing HIPAA/HITECH Audits.

• Use access reports to review staffing workloads and improve staffing efficiency.

• More efficient use of staff through improved time management.

• Identify additional needs for orientation/education of employees on the use of EHRs.

• Simplifies mandated access log review saving employee time.

• Save significant time in creating, responding to and delivering a patient request for complete EHR access record.

• Avoid fines from non-compliance.

• HelioMetrics Hosted platform reduces capital expenditures required for access log analysis and reporting, audit log storage and back up.

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