Healthcare-Patient-Access-ReportHelioMetrics is positioned to provide your organization with the Patient’s Right to Access Report.   Regulation for this report has been created by The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).   The proposed regulation gives patients the right to an access report that is designed to disclose to the patient what data was accessed, when it was accessed and which users of the EHRs and other electronic record systems have accessed their private information.

The report must include access reports from the covered entity as well as all business associates that maintain Protected Health Information (PHI) for the patient requesting the access report. The report must include:

  • date and time of access,
  • name of person or entity accessing information
  • description of information accessed
  • what action was taken by the user i.e. create or modify, access, delete or print an entry

HelioMetrics data aggregation and analysis process allows the organization to easily provide the required information to the patient. The report generated by HelioMetrics is an electronic document that can be emailed or viewed securely online or can be printed in order to be mailed based on the request of the patient as is indicated in the proposed regulation.