Monitoring Privacy in Exchange Access.

Loss of trust in an electronic health information system could seriously undermine efforts to improve health and health care. HelioMetrics HIE Analytics helps build trust and reduce the concerns that healthcare organizations and patients have about protecting patient privacy and securing of electronic health information, which in turn leads to more retention, and ultimately leads to financial sustainability.

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“While our exchange technology has auditing built-in, the  addition and overlay of HelioMetrics has taken our auditing to the next level, allowing me to see patterns and trends of how our participants are truly using our service so that we can serve them better.” – Laura McCrary Ed.D, Executive Director, Kansas Health Information Network, Inc. (KHIN)


Analyzing both portal and direct access to the exchange data, HelioMetrics provides exchange use statistics to better detect abnormal everyday use of the exchange. This gives the HIE clearer picture of protected patient data use.

Using HelioMetrics HIE breach analytics, Exchanges will be able to stop potential issues that need corrective action, including non-authorized exchange queries. These reports can be provided to the HIE, or sent directly to the facilities compliance officer for further investigation.

HIE Participants

HIE facilities have the ability to receive automated facility specific reporting. This provides the facility details of how the HIE data is being utilized, along with insight into more efficient HIE use. Most important to the protection of PHI is the required monthly audits of exchange queries. With HelioMetrics for HIE Participants, we can automate the audit for you, freeing your time and notifying the compliance manager only when there are areas that need further investigation.

Whether for the HIE or the participating facilities, HelioMetrics brings peace of mind that the HIE queries are for legitimate healthcare reasons.

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