HelioMetrics Healthcare Privacy Analytics
Analyzing Access to ePHI in Healthcare

Protecting patient privacy is critical to developing and maintaining patients’ trust and it is imperative for meeting the requirements of State and Federal laws and regulations.

HelioMetrics Healthcare Privacy Analytics monitors the access of ePHI in healthcare organizations to ensure patient data privacy. The findings are displayed as interactive visualizations. This
allows organizations to detect behavior and identifies activity that warrants further attention.


HelioMetrics HIE and Participant Analytics
Monitoring Privacy in Exchange Access

Loss of trust in an electronic health information system could seriously undermine efforts to improve health and healthcare outcomes.

HelioMetrics HIE Analytics provides the HIE with a monthly overview of use and potential concerns through the monitoring of participant access to the HIE. This helps reduce the concerns that healthcare organizations and patients have about the protection of patient privacy and security of electronic health information. In addition, participating HIE facilities have the ability to receive automated facility specific reporting and monthly audits that are required by the HIE’s.

Whether for the HIE or the participating facilities, HelioMetrics brings peace of mind that the HIE queries are for legitimate healthcare reasons.


Individual Patient Access Report
Quickly and Easily Respond to Patient Requests

HelioMetrics is positioned to provide your organization with the Patient’s Right to Access Report.   Regulation for this report has been created by The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).   The report is designed to disclose to the patient what data was accessed, when it was accessed and which users of the EHRs and other electronic record systems have accessed their private information.