HelioMetrics – Our Story

How does one write a rule to identify suspicious employee behavior one cannot even imagine?

The answer to that question is easy, you can’t write a rule that catches the unimaginable.  On top of that, most rules that are written miss insight into casual illegitimate access of PHI due to rule thresholds.

HelioMetrics’ Analytics Solutions for Healthcare allow for actionable intelligence based on behavioral analysis.  We are not your typical healthcare software company.  We did not come from healthcare and HelioMetrics did not start out to be a commercial healthcare software application. HelioMetrics was initially developed to help us identify healthcare data breaches, as we conducted our computer forensics investigations.

As more and more hospitals moved to electronic health records (EHR), our healthcare data breach investigations became increasingly more complex due to the vast amounts of data needing to be analyzed. We needed to be able to answer client’s questions quickly.  What happened, when did it happen, what patients were affected, who did it and how do we stop it from happening again?

There was no commercially available software that pulled all of the data together and present it in a form that was visually friendly and easy for executive leadership, lawyers, judges and juries to understand. Using our background in Computer Forensics and Data Breach Investigations and utilizing data from multiple healthcare systems, we built behavior analytics modules to help us detect and identify misuse and abuse of Personal Health Information (PHI).  This made it easier to identify anomalous activity, respond and report patient privacy issues during our data breach investigations.

HelioMetrics was never intended to be a commercial product.  It was developed to be used strictly for conducting computer forensics investigations within our internal lab.  Amazed at the results the tool produced, our healthcare clients encouraged us to commercialize the solution.  With our belief that audit reports should be easy to understand, accurate, and informative no matter the platform an organization uses, we decided to give the product a name and launch it in the marketplace.

HelioMetrics’ first modules included analytics for Healthcare Patient Privacy and Health Information Exchange Analytics.

December 2015, HelioMetrics was spun off and became a standalone company.

HelioMetrics is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and continues to focus on Healthcare Patient Privacy and Drug Diversion.  You can learn more about our Drug Diversion Software Solution at www.HelioMetrics.net and our Patient Privacy Software Solution at www.HealthcarePatientPrivacy.com.

For more information about HelioMetrics, contact us or call 612-444-3242.