HelioMetrics’ secure, patent pending technology monitors patient privacy by aggregating data from EHR and other IT system’s logs that access protected patient information. HelioMetrics distills access log data within the healthcare organization into user friendly interactive visualizations of previously undetectable behavior showing data use, misuse and abuse.

This ongoing monitoring of EHR access logs replaces labor intensive manual audits.  HelioMetrics monitoring and reporting provides the organization with early detection of breaches of private patient information. The visualizations will provide accurate reports to assist your organization with HIPAA/HITECH Patient Privacy Compliance Audits and provide patients with complete reports of all access to their electronic health information.

HelioMetrics not only provides data and reporting on patient privacy compliance, but also tracks trends in daily use of EHRs.  Through proper analysis, this information provides identification of areas where additional education may improve the efficiency of using EHRs, and the identification of areas to improve staffing efficiencies.