HelioMetrics gives you visibility to your data like never before!

HelioMetrics distills log data within the healthcare organization into user friendly interactive visualizations of previously undetectable behavior.

Protecting patient privacy and safety is critical to developing and maintaining patient’s trust and it is imperative for meeting the requirements of State and Federal laws and regulations. HelioMetrics, using logs from Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) and other IT Systems, creates interactive visualizations to help identify both privacy and safety concerns in healthcare.

Actionable reports enable those responsible for compliance and investigation to analyze the data, drilling down to gain insight into otherwise unnoticeable behavior. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs) from normalized data that will indicate whether the recorded activity falls within acceptable predetermined parameters.

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See what people are saying about HelioMetrics

I could have written 1,000 rules in my current compliance software and I still would have missed this issue.
CISO, New England Healthcare System
While our exchange technology has auditing built-in, the addition and overlay of HelioMetrics has taken our auditing to the next level, allowing me to see patterns and trends of how our participants are truly using our service so that we can serve them better.
Executive Director, Statewide Health Information Exchange